Sampled Audio File Parameters

Your custom sampled audio files must be available at the path or URL specified in the parameter saf.x so the phone can download the files. Make sure to include the name of the file and the .wav extension in the path.

Use the parameters in the following tables to customize this feature.

In the following table, x is the sampled audio file number.

Table 1. Sample Audio File Parameter



Permitted Values

Change Causes Restart or Reboot



Specify a path or URL for the phone to download a custom audio file.

Null (default)—The phone uses a built-in file.

Path Name —During startup, the phone attempts to download the file at the specified path in the provisioning server.

URL— During startup, the phone attempts to download the file from the specified URL on the Internet. Must be a RFC 1738-compliant URL to an HTTP, FTP, or TFTP wave file resource.

If using TFTP, the URL must be in the following format: tftp://<host>/[pathname]<filename> . For example: t .

To use a welcome sound, enable the parameter up.welcomeSoundEnabled and specify a file in saf.x . The default UC Software welcome sound file is Welcome.wav .