Active Call Screen Parameters

Use the parameters in the following table to set the default screen that displays when the phone is in call.

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Table 1. Active Call screen parameters
Template Parameter

Permitted Values

Change Causes Restart or Reboot

features.cfg up.LineViewCallStatus.enabled

0 (Default) - In an active call, the active call screen displays. Any incoming or outgoing call triggers the display of the active call screen.

1 - During an incoming call and in an active call, the line view displays and call details display on the status ribbon.
features.cfg up.LineViewCallStatus.timeout

Specify the timeout period after which the phones go back to the Line Screen when the user goes to the Active Call Screen from the Line View.

10 (default) - The phone returns to the line screen after 10 seconds.

2 - 10 - Specify the seconds after which the phone returns to the line screen.