Example: Directory-Linked Speed Dial Soft Key with a Pause

Use the following example to add a speed dial line key linked to a directory file with a pause in the dialing sequence.


  1. Update the configuration file as follows:
    • feature.enhancedFeatureKeys.enabled="1"
    • efk.efklist.1.action.string="501$Tinvite$$Cwc$$Cpause7$12​34#$Tdtmf$" efk.efklist.1.label="number"
    • efk.efklist.1.mname="number"
    • efk.efklist.1.status="1"
  2. In a contact directory file or speed dial file (000000000000-directory.xml or <MACaddress>-directory.xml), add the following:
    • <fn>Call Number</fn>
    • <ct>!number</ct>
    • <sd>99</sd>

The following values are included in the action string: <ct>"501$Tinvite$$Cwc$$Cpause7$12​34#$Tdtmf$":

  • 501$Tinvite$ —Dial 501
  • $Cwc$ —Wait for the call to connect
  • $Cpause7$ —A seven second pause
  • 1234#$Tdtmf$ —Send 1234 dual-tone multi-frequency
The following EFK commands are linked to the directory file:
  • The parameter efk.efklist.1.mname="number" is linked to the speed dial contact <ct>!number</ct> of the directory file
  • Use <fn>Call Number</fn> to define the name that displays on the key
  • Use <sd>99</sd> to identify which directory entry to link to the key

    For more example configurations, see the two following documents at Polycom Engineering Advisories and Technical Notifications:

    • Using Enhanced Feature Keys and Configurable Soft Keys on Polycom Phones: Technical Bulletin 42250
    • Using Enhanced Feature Keys (EFK) Macros to Change Soft Key Functions on Polycom Community: Feature Profile 42250