Example: Send-to-Voicemail Prompt

Use the following example to enable users to enter a voicemail extension to transfer an active call to BroadSoft voicemail.

In this example, *55 is the star code used for BroadSoft voicemail. The exact star code to transfer the active call to voicemail depends on your call server.

Enabling the parameter softkey.1.use.active causes the soft key to display when a call becomes active on the line. When a user presses the soft key, the call is placed on hold and a field prompts the user to enter the extension of a voicemail line to transfer the call to. The efk.prompt* parameters control the numeric prompt field users enter the extension into.

Note that this example works only on line 1 of the phone.


  1. Update the configuration file as follows:
    • softkey.1.label="VMail"
    • softkey.1.action="^*55$P1N10$$Tinvite$"
    • softkey.1.enable="1"
    • softkey.1.use.active="1"
    • efk.efkprompt.1.label="Voice Mail"
    • efk.efkprompt.1.status="1"
    • efk.efkprompt.1.type="numeric"
  2. Reboot the phone.

    When an incoming call connects and becomes active, the VMail soft key displays.

  3. Press the VMail soft key.

    A field displays prompting you to enter an extension.

  4. Enter the extension you want to transfer the call to.
  5. Press the Enter soft key.