Example: Speed Dial Soft Key with a Pause

Use the following example to configure a soft key to automatically dial a number with a pause in the dialing sequence.

In this example, use $CpauseX$ where X is the number of seconds to pause—7 in this example. Adding this pause function enables users to automatically dial into a conference ID that requires an entry code after the conference call is connected.


  • Update the configuration file as follows:
    • softkey.1.label="VMail"
    • softkey.1.action="$S1$$Tinvite$$Cwc$$Cpause7$$FDialpad8$$FDialpad5$$FDialpad4$$FDialpad5$"
    • softkey.1.enable="1"
    • softkey.1.use.idle="1"
    • feature.enhancedFeatureKeys.enabled="1"
The values for this example are explained as follows:
  • $S1$— Speed dial line 1
  • $S1$$Tinvite$$ —The phone sends an invite to $S1$
  • $Cwc$ —The phone waits for the call to connect
  • $Cpause7$ —The phone waits for 7 seconds before dialing the remaining numbers
  • $FDialpad8$$FDialpad5$$FDialpad4$$FDialpad5$ —The phone enters the entry code 8545.