Install Provisioning Tools

Before you begin provisioning devices with UC Software, install tools on your computer and gather some information.


  1. If using Power over Ethernet (PoE) with the phone, obtain a PoE switch and network cable.
  2. Install an XML editor, such as XML Notepad 2007, on your computer.
  3. Install an FTP server application on your computer.

    FileZilla and wftpd are free FTP applications for windows and vsftpd is typically available with all standard Linux distributions.

  4. Take note of the following:
    • SIP server address Host name or IP address of the call server that handles VoIP services on your network.
    • SIP account information SIP account credentials and the phone's registration address.
    • Although a user name and password are not required to get the phone working, Polycom strongly recommends using them for security reasons.
    • Phone MAC addresses Unique 12-digit serial number just above the phone's bar code on a label on the back of the phone. You need the MAC address for each phone in your deployment.
    • Provisioning server IP address IP address for the system used as the provisioning server. If you want to use your computer system as the provisioning server, then you need your computer's IP address.