Configuring Log Files

You can configure log files using the logging parameters.

Log file names use the following format: [MAC address]_[Type of log].log . For example, if the MAC address of your phone is 0004f2203b0 , the app log file name is 0004f2203b0-app.log .

The phone writes information into several different log files. The following table describes the type of information in each.

With a paired Trio Visual Pro or RealPresence Group Series system, you have to download the logs separately through that system’s web interface.

Log File


Boot Log

Boot logs are sent to the provisioning server in a boot.log file collected from the Updater/BootROM application each time the phone boots up. The BootROM/Updater application boots the application firmware and updates is new firmware is available.

Application Log

The application log file contains complete phone functionality including SIP signaling, call controls and features, digital signal processor (DSP), and network components.


For more information about Syslog, see Syslog on Polycom Phones - Technical Bulletin 17124.