Distinctive Ringtones

This feature enables you to apply a distinctive ringtone to a registered line, a specific contact, or type of call, including internal or external calls.

You can set up distinctive ringing using more than one of the following methods, however, the phone uses the highest priority method:
  • Assign ringtones to specific contacts in the contact directory. This option is the first and highest in priority.
  • Use the voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.x.value and voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.x.class parameters in the sip-interop.cfg template to map calls to specific ringtones. The value you enter depends on the call server. This option requires server support and is second in priority.
  • Users can select a ringtone for each registered line on the phone from the phone menu. This option has the lowest priority.
    Note: You can use the SIP alert-info header to delay the auto-answer feature. If you set delay=0 in the SIP.alert-Info header, the phone immediately auto-answers incoming calls without ringing. If you set delay=x where x=time in seconds, the phone rings for that duration of time before auto-answering incoming calls.