Enhanced Feature Keys

Enhanced feature keys (EFK) enables you to customize the functions of a phone's line, soft, and hard keys to assign frequently used functions to keys or to create menu shortcuts to frequently used phone settings.

Enhanced feature key functionality is implemented using star code sequences like *89 and SIP messaging. Star code sequences that define EFK functions are written as macros that you apply to line and soft keys. The EFK macro language was designed to follow current configuration file standards and to be extensible (see Macro Definitions).

In addition, you can configure an EFK as a line key allowing the users to execute the macro action defined to that line key. When this feature is enabled, all the EFK macros that are configured using efk.eklist parameter and has efk.efklist.x.status=1 will display as a line key. You can enable or disable this feature using configuration parameter or importing the configuration file using the Web Configuration Utility.

For example, configure the phone with the following configuration:






After you run and update configuration, the DND EFK will display as a line key. When you press the DND line key, Do Not Disturb functionality is executed.

In addition, you can use Flexible Line Keys feature for an EFK and assign to a line key that displays anywhere on the phone’s screen. For more information, see Flexible Line Key Assignments.