GENBAND's application server, also called EXPERiUS™ A2, provides full-featured, IP-based multimedia communications applications for business and consumers.

You can deploy EXPERiUS A2 as a standalone server or in combination with a GENBAND CONTiNUUM™ C20 server; features vary depending on your deployment.

Polycom has performed interoperability tests with GENBAND C20 with Polycom VVX 300 series, 400 series, 500 series, 600 series, and 1500 phones.

The following features are available for phones registered with the GENBAND servers:
  • MADN-SCA—A shared group feature that provides support for conference barge in, privacy, and remote call appearance. MADN-SCA requires you to deploy EXPERiUS A2 and CONTiNUUM C20 server.
  • Global Address Book—The global address book (GAB) feature is a corporate directory application managed by the GENBAND server.
  • Personal Address Book—The personal address book (PAB) feature is managed by the GENBAND server and allows multiple clients (phones, computer software) to read and modify a user's personal directory of contacts. When one client changes a contact all other clients are immediately notified of the change by the GENBAND server.
  • E.911—Enhanced 911 services specific to GENBAND C20 server implementation.