Group Paging

The group paging feature is available on VVX phones and Polycom Trio solution.

Group Paging enables users to make pages —one-way audio announcements—to users subscribed to a page group. There are 25 groups/channels users can subscribe to. If you are using Group Paging with Polycom Trio solution, you can only receive incoming pages. You cannot use Polycom Trio solution to send outgoing pages.

Group paging users can send announcements to recipients subscribed to any of the 25 paging groups. Any announcements sent to the paging group play through the phone's speakerphone.

Administrators must enable paging before users can subscribe to a page group. You can specify the same IP multicast address in the parameter ptt.address for both PTT and paging mode.

Note: The push-to-talk and group paging features use an IP multicast address. If you want to change the default IP multicast address, ensure that the new address does not already have an official purpose as specified in the IPv4 Multicast Address Space Registry.