Local Call Recording

Local call recording enables you to record audio calls to a USB device connected to the phone.

You can play back recorded audio on the phone or devices that run applications like Windows Media Player® or iTunes® on a Windows® or Apple® computer. To use this feature, ensure that the USB port is enabled.

Audio calls are recorded in .wav format and include a date/time stamp. The phone displays the recording time remaining on the attached USB device, and users can browse all recorded files using the phone's menu.

Important: Federal, state, and/or local laws may legally require that you notify some or all of the call parties when a call recording is in progress.
This feature is available on the following devices:
  • VVX 401, 411 business media phones
  • VVX 5xx and 6xx series business media phones
  • VVX 250, 350, and 450 business IP phones
  • SoundStructure VoIP Interface