Local Contact Directory

Polycom phones feature a contact directory file you can use to store frequently used contacts.

The UC Software package includes a template contact directory file named 000000000000-directory~.xml that is loaded to the provisioning server the first time you boot up a phone with UC Software or when you reset the phone to factory default settings.

When you first boot the phone out of the box or when you reset the phone to factory default settings, the phone looks for contact directories in the following order:
  • An internally stored local directory
  • A personal <MACaddress>-directory.xml file
  • A global 000000000000-directory.xml file when the phone substitutes <000000000000> for its own MAC address.

The Contact Directory is the central database for several phone features including speed dial, distinctive incoming call treatment, presence, and instant messaging.

You can configure the phones to hide the Contact Directory and Favorites options from all screens in the user interface on all VVX phones except the VVX 1500 phone. You can also set the local directory as read-only and restrict users from modifying the speed dials only.

In addition, make sure the dir.local.readonly parameter is enabled to restrict the users to modify speed dials.