Polycom Desktop Connector

With the Polycom® Desktop Connector™ application installed on a computer, users can use their mouse and keyboard to enter information and navigate screens on VVX business media phones and VVX business IP phones without having to use the phone's keypad or touchscreen.

The Desktop Connector application is compatible with computers running Microsoft® Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, and Windows® 7.

After users install the Polycom Desktop Connector, they need to use one of two methods to pair the VVX phone and the computer:
  • Direct—If the phone is connected directly to the computer over Ethernet, users can select Reconnect to connect the phone with the desktop application.
  • Indirect—If the phone is connected to the computer through a switch or hub, users can enter the computer's IP address into the phone's user interface and select Reconnect.
    Note: For details on how to install Polycom Desktop Connector application and enable it for use on VVX phones, see the latest Polycom VVX Business Media Phones User Guide at Latest Polycom UC Software Release.

While pairing, the Polycom Desktop Connector application shows a pop-up to the user with phone's Secure Shell (SSH) server RSA key. When authentication for the requested connection is successful, the key gets permanently stored in the application. When the user accepts the connection by selecting Yes, the application stores the key for future connections and does not prompt again. However, if user selects No, the connection establishes but the application will prompt upon new connection.