The power-saving feature automatically turns off the phone's LCD display when not in use.

Power-saving is not available on the VVX 101 business media phone or SoundStructure VoIP Interface.

Power-saving is enabled by default for the VVX 500/501, 600/601, and 1500 phones.

You can configure the following power-saving options:
  • Turn on the phone's power-saving feature during non-working hours and working hours.

    If you want to turn on power-saving during non-working hours, you can configure the power-saving feature around your work schedule.

  • On the VVX 1500, use the powerSaving.userDetectionSensitivity.* parameters to configure the sensitivity of the built-in motion detection system and an idle time after which the phone enters the power-saving mode.

When you enable power-saving mode and the phone is in low power state, the red LED indicator flashes at three second intervals to show that the phone still has power.

Note: When you enable power-saving mode on VVX 500 and 600, the phone display screen does not automatically turn back on after going idle.