Powering VVX Phones with an Ethernet Switch Connection

VVX business media phones and business IP phones have two Ethernet ports—labeled LAN and PC— and an embedded Ethernet switch that runs at full line rate.

The SoundStructure VoIP Interface has one Ethernet port, labeled LAN. The Ethernet switch enables you to connect a personal computer and other Ethernet devices to the office LAN by daisy-chaining through the phone, eliminating the need for a stand-alone hub.

You can power each phone through an AC adapter or through a Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable connected to the phone's LAN port. If you are using a VLAN, ensure that the 802.1p priorities for both default and real-time transport protocol (RTP) packet types are set to 2 or greater so that audio packets from the phone have priority over packets from the PC port.