Provisioning Phones

You provision phone features and settings with the UC software configuration files that you create and modify on your provisioning server.

You can also create and update specific phone configuration files, use variable substitution to update all phones in your deployment simultaneously, or configure phone groups.

When provisioning phones, you can create and name configuration files as needed to support your deployment; however, the following file names are reserved and cannot be used:
  • <MACaddress>-phone.cfg
  • <MACaddress>-web.cfg
  • <MACaddress>-app.log
  • <MACaddress>-boot.log
  • <MACaddress>-license.cfg

    You can use a multiple key combination shortcut by simultaneously pressing 1-4-7 to display the following provisioning information on the phone:

    • Phone IP address
    • Phone MAC address
    • VLAN ID
    • Boot server type (FTP, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS)