Registering Handsets for VVX D60 Base Station

You can control the number of handsets that can be registered to the VVX D60 base station.

A minimum of one and a maximum of five handsets can be configured for a VVX D60 base station. This is configurable from the VVX phone and Web Configuration Utility. Upon pairing, the VVX phone makes sure that maximum handsets registered to the paired VVX D60 base station is lesser or equal to the configured value. After reaching the maximum limit of handsets, the VVX D60 base station and the VVX phone do not provide any mechanism to register a new handset. The administrator can use the parameter VVXD60.handset.maxCount to configure this feature.

If the VVX D60 base station is registered with more handsets than the configured number of handsets, then the handsets will be deleted in the following order:
  • Blocked
  • Unavailable
  • Available (the last handset that was registered among the available handsets)