Toggling Between Audio-only or Audio-Video Calls

You can enable users to toggle between audio-only and audio-video calls.

When this feature is enabled on the video-enabled business media phones, a soft key displays to enable users to toggle calls between audio-only or audio-video. This feature also applies to audio and video conference calls in Skype for Business environments.

When the phone is registered, you can:
  • Use video.callMode.default to begin calls as audio-video or audio only. By default, calls begin as audio-video. After a video call has ended, the phone returns to audio-only.

    If you set this parameter to audio, users can choose to add Video to the call.

  • Use feature.audioVideoToggle.enabled to enable users to start video during an audio call.

    If the call is established as audio-only, then users can use the Start Video soft key to add video to the call. After the video call ends, the phone returns to audio-only.

  • Use audioVideoToggle.callMode.persistent to maintain or reset the call mode set by users.