USB Port Lock

The USB port lock down feature enables you to choose which of the phone's USB ports to power on or off.

The port lock down feature is available on phones that have USB ports:
  • VVX 401/411, 500/501, 600/601, and 1500 phones
  • VVX 250, 350, and 450 business IP phones
Also note the following:
  • VVX 250, 401/411, and 1500 have a single USB port.
  • VVX 250, 350, 450, 500/501 and 600/601 phones support two USB ports.
  • The top USB port on the VVX 500/501 and 600/601 supports a USB camera. Top and rear USB ports are enabled by default.
The phone ports support various USB devices such as USB mass storage devices and a USB headset. The following features are not available when you disable a USB port:
  • Call recording
  • Picture frame
  • USB headset
  • USB camera for video calls on the VVX 500/501 and 600/601 - no video calls
  • USB charging device on the rear port of the VVX 500/501 and 600/601
    Note: When you connect a power adapter to a VVX 500/501, the USB ports are powered on even if the parameters feature.usbTop.power.enabled and feature.usbRear.power.enabled are disabled. This can cause issues during phone reboots when USB devices are connected to the phone.