Voice Quality Monitoring (VQMon)

You can configure the phones to generate various quality metrics that you can use to monitor sound and listening quality.

These metrics can be sent between the phones in RTCP XR packets, which are compliant with RFC 3611—RTP Control Extended Reports (RTCP XR). The packets are sent to a report collector as specified in draft RFC Session initiation Protocol Package for Voice Quality Reporting Event. The metrics can also be sent as SIP PUBLISH messages to a central voice quality report collector.

You can use Real Time Control Protocol Extended Report (RTCP XR) to report voice quality metrics to remote endpoints. This feature supports RFC6035 compliance as well as draft implementation for voice quality reporting.

You need a license key to activate the VQMon feature on the VVX 300/301, 310/311, 400/401, and 410/411 business media phones and VVX business IP phones: 150, 250, 350, 450.

This feature is available for open SIP environments, but is not available with Skype for Business Server. For more information on VQMon, contact your Certified Polycom Reseller.