Configuring uaCSTA

When you configure Polycom phones to use user agent Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (uaCSTA) with a CSTA server, you can remotely control the phone and access phone services using a computer telephony integration (CTI) application on your computer.

Note: The Polycom VVX 101 and 1500 business media phones do not support uaCSTA.
Polycom phones support the Minimum and Basic profiles compliant with “ECMA TR/087: Using CSTA for SIP Phone User Agents (uaCSTA).” For information, see ECMA international.
Note: Polycom phones do not support the Network Reached event.

Polycom supports the following CSTA services and events:

CSTA Monitoring Services
  • MonitorStart
  • MonitorStop
CSTA Call Control Services
  • MakeCall Without Prompt
  • AnswerCall
  • ClearConnection
  • DeflectCall in alerting state
  • HoldCall
  • RetrieveCall
  • SingleStepTransferCall
CSTA Call Control Events
  • ServiceInitiated
  • Originated
  • Delivered
  • Diverted
  • Established
  • ConnectionCleared
  • Held
  • Retrieved
  • Failed
  • Transferred
CSTA Maintenance Events
  • BackInService
  • OutOfService
Capability Exchange Service
  • GetSwitchingFunctionDevices
Capability Exchange Event
  • SwitchingFunctionDevices