UPtime Analytics

Phone keeps track of various services and uploads the active status to cloud periodically when da.supported.services value is set as all or uptimeanalytics. When you enable uptime analytics on your phone, the phone tracks the services and uploads the active status to cloud periodically.

The following services details are monitored and are sent to the cloud:

  • Exchange Services (Calendar, Call logs, and Contacts)
  • Provisioning Server
  • BroadSoft Directory
  • Corporate Directory
  • GENBAND's PAB-GAB Directory

The phone immediately sends the change in service connectivity status to the cloud. For example, if the Microsoft Exchange server gets an authentication failure, the failed authentication details are sent to cloud immediately.

If there is no change in the service connectivity status, the phone periodically sends the status to the cloud based on the configured interval. The phone also sends the last access time of the service to the server along with response codes and failure reason if any.