Creating a Custom Intercom Soft Key

By default, an Intercom soft key displays on the phone, but you have the option to provide users the ability to initiate intercom calls directly to a specified contact using enhanced feature keys (EFKs).

You do not need to disable the default Intercom soft key to create a custom soft key.

For example, you can create an intercom action string for a custom soft key in one of the following ways:
  • $FIntercom$

    This is an F type macro that behaves as a custom Intercom soft key. Pressing the soft key opens the Intercom dial prompt users can use to place an Intercom call by entering the destination's digits and using a speed dial or BLF button.

  • <number>$Tintercom$

    This is a T type macro that enables you to specify a Direct intercom button that always calls the number you specify in <number>. No other input is necessary.