DHCPv6 or DHCPv4 Parameters

Polycom recommends using DHCP where possible to eliminate repetitive manual data entry.

After establishing network connectivity, the phone needs to acquire several IPv6 or IPv4 network settings. These settings are typically obtained automatically from a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv6 or DHCPv4) server.

You have the option to configure IPv4 or IPV6 network settings manually from the phone screen or using device.set capability. When making the DHCP request, the phone includes information in Option 60 that can assist the DHCP server in delivering the appropriate settings to the device.

For more information on DHCP options, see RFC2131 and RFC 2132.

For more information on Using DHCP Vendor Identifying Options with Polycom Phones, see Technical Bulletin 54041 at Polycom Engineering Advisories and Technical Notifications.