Key Mapping Parameters

The following table lists parameters that enable you to change the default functions of your phone's keypad keys, a process known as remapping.

If you want to change the default function of a key, you must specify the phone model number, the key you want to change, and a new function for the key.

  • For a list of products and their model codes, see System and Model Names.
  • To find the key number, location of the key on each phone model, and default key functions, refer to Defining the Phone Key Layout.
  • For a list of parameter values you can assign as functions to a phone key, refer Keypad Key Functions.
    CAUTION: Polycom does not recommend remapping or changing the default functions of the keys on your phone.
    Table 1. Key Mapping Parameters



    Permitted Values

    Change Causes

    Restart or Reboot



    Specify a phone model, key number, and function.

    x can be one of the VVX 300 series, 400 series, 500 series, 600 series, or VVX1500 phones.

    y can be one key number.