Supported Network Configurations

You need the following to operate Polycom phones as SIP endpoints in large-scale deployments:
  • A working IP network
  • Routers configured for VoIP
  • VoIP gateways configured for SIP
  • An active, configured call server to receive and send SIP messages and to register and authenticate voice endpoints.

    For information on IP PBX and softswitch vendors, see Polycom Desktop Phone Compatibility. If you are using the Polycom Trio Solution, see Polycom Trio and SoundStation IP Platform Compatibility.

    At minimum, your call server requires:
    • A call server address that registers voice endpoints with the SIP server
    • SIP authentication user name and password the phone uses to respond to any SIP authentication challenges from the SIP server.

In addition to these requirements, your deployment network should work within the Polycom-supported parameters of network settings, discovery methods such as DHCP, and supported Ethernet network settings.