STUN Parameters

This section lists parameters that configure Simple Traversal of UDP though NAT (STUN).

Table 1. STUN Parameters
Template Parameter Permitted Values Change Causes Restart or Reboot
firewall-nat.cfg feature.nat.stun.enabled 0 (default) - Disable the STUN feature on the phones.

1 - Enable the STUN feature on all registered Open SIP lines on a phone.

firewall-nat.cfg nat.stun.server Enter a STUN server IP address or domain name.

Null (default)

firewall-nat.cfg nat.stun.port

Set the STUN server port number.

3478 (default)

1 to 65535
firewall-nat.cfg reg.x.nat.traversal.mode Enable or disable NAT traversal mode with STUN for signaling and media on the basis of the phone-level STUN feature.

Auto (default) - Apply NAT configuration to both media and signalling per registration.

Disabled - The phone does not use STUN for NAT traversal for this registration.

For example, if feature.nat.stun.enabled is set to 1, and reg.x.nat.traversal.mode is set as Auto, the STUN feature is enabled for signaling and media for the registered line.

firewall-nat.cfg nat.refresh.interval

Set the time interval for the phone to send NAT keep-alive packets that keep the NAT port open and the phone reachable.

30 seconds (default) - The phone sends NAT keep-alive packets that keeps the NAT port open and the phone reachable.

5 - 3600 seconds