Calling Issues

The following table provides possible solutions to generic calling issues.


Possible Solution

There is no dial tone.

If there is no dial tone, power may not be correctly supplied to the phone. Try one of the following:
  • Check that the display is illuminated.
  • Make sure the LAN cable is inserted properly at the rear of the phone; try unplugging and re-inserting the cable.

If you are using in-line powering, check that the switch is supplying power to the phone.

The dial tone is not present on one of the audio paths.

if dial tone is not present on one of the audio paths, do one of the following:
  • Switch between handset, headset (if present), or handsfree speakerphone to see whether or not dial tone is present on another path.
  • If the dial tone exists on another path, connect a different handset or headset to isolate the problem.

Check configuration for gain levels.

The phone does not ring.

If there is no ringtone but the phone displays a visual indication when it receives an incoming call, do the following:
  • Adjust the ring level from the front panel using the volume up/down keys.

Check the status of handset, headset (if connected), and handsfree speakerphone.

The line icon shows an unregistered line icon.

If the phone displays an icon indicating that a line is unregistered, do the following:

Try to re-register the line and place a call.