Capture Your Device's Current Screen

You can capture your phone or expansion module's current screen.

The Polycom Trio system does not support expansion modules.

Before you can take a screen capture, you must provide power and connect the expansion module to a phone, and enable the phone's web server using the parameter httpd.enabled.


  1. In the sip-interop.cfg template, locate the parameter up.screenCapture.enabled .

    You can add the sip-interop.cfg template to the CONFIG-FILES field of the master configuration file, or copy the parameter to an existing configuration file.

  2. Set the value to 1 and save the configuration file.
  3. On the device, go to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Screen Capture.

    Note you must repeat step 3 each time the device restarts or reboots.

  4. Locate and record the phone's IP address at Status > Platform > Phone > IP Address.
  5. Set the phone to the screen you want to capture.
  6. In a web browser address field, enter https://<phoneIPaddress>/captureScreen where <phoneIPaddress> is the IP address you obtained in step 5.

    The web browser displays an image showing the phone's current screen. You can save the image as a BMP or JPEG file.