Enable Microsoft Exchange Calendar Using the Web Configuration Utility

You can use the Web Configuration Utility to manually enable your phones with the Microsoft Exchange calendar.

This is useful for troubleshooting if auto-discovery is not working or misconfigured. This method applies only to a single phone at a time.


  1. Enable access to the Web Configuration Utility if the phone is registered with Skype for Business.
  2. Log in to the Web Configuration Utility as Admin (default password 456).
  3. Go to Settings > Applications > Exchange Applications, and expand Exchange Applications.
  4. In the Exchange Calendar field, select Enable.
  5. Enter the exchange web services URL using a Microsoft Exchange Server URL, for example https://<mail.com>/ews/exchange.asmx.
    In this example, the URL part <mail.com> is specific to an organization
  6. At the bottom of the browser page, click Save.
  7. When the confirmation dialog displays, click Yes.
    Your Exchange Calendar is successfully configured and the Calendar icon displays on your phone screen.