Network Authentication Failure Error Codes

This message displays if 802.

1X authentication with the Polycom phone fails. The error codes display on the phone when you press the Details key. Error codes are also included in the log files.

Event Code




Unknown events

An unknown event by ‘1' can include any issues listed in this table.


Mismatch in EAP Method type

Authenticating server's list of EAP methods does not match with clients'.


TLS Certificate failure

000 - Represents a generic certificate error.

The phone displays the following codes:

042 - bad cert

043 - unsupported cert

044 - cert revoked

045 - cert expired

046 - unknown cert

047 - illegal parameter

048 - unknown CA

See section 7.2 of RFC 2246 for further TLS alert codes and error codes.


Server Certificate failure

‘xxx' can use the following values:

•009 - Certificate not yet Valid

•010 - Certificate Expired

•011 - Certificate Revocation List

(CRL) not yet Valid

•012 - CRL Expired


Other TLS failures

‘xxx' is the TLS alert message code). For example, if the protocol version presented by the server is not supported by the phone, then ‘xxx' is 70, and the EAP error code is 4070.

See section 7.2 of RFC 2246 for further TLS alert codes and error codes.


Credential failures

5xxx - wrong user name or password


PAC failures

080 - No PAC file found

081 - PAC file password not provisioned

082 - PAC file wrong password

083 - PAC file invalid attributes


Generic failures

001 - dot1x can not support (user) configured EAP method

002 - dot1x can not support (user) configured security type

003 - root certificate could not be loaded

174 - EAP authentication timeout

176 - EAP Failure

185 - Disconnected