Polycom UC Software Error Messages

If an error occurs in the UC Software, an error message and a warning icon displays on the phone.

The location of the Warnings menu varies by model:
  • VVX 1500—Menu > Status > Diagnostics > Warnings
  • VVX phones—Settings > Status > Diagnostics > Warnings
  • Polycom Trio —Settings > Status > Diagnostics > Warnings.

The following table describes Polycom UC Software error messages.

Table 1. Polycom UC Software Error Messages

Error Message


Config file error: Files contain invalid params: <filename1>, <filename2>,...

Config file error: <filename> contains invalid params

The following contain pre-3.3.0 params: <filename>

These messages display if the configuration files contain these deprecated parameters:
  • tone.chord.ringer.x.freq.x
  • se.pat.callProg.x.name
  • ind.anim.IP_500.x.frame.x.duration
  • ind.pattern.x.step.x.state
  • feature.2.name
  • feature.9.name
This message also displays if any configuration file contains more than 100 of the following errors:
  • Unknown parameters
  • Out-of-range values
  • Invalid values.

To check that your configuration files use correct parameter values, refer to Using Correct Parameter XML Schema, Value Ranges, and Special Characters.

Line: Unregistered

This message displays if a line fails to register with the call server.

Login credentials have failed. Please update them if information is incorrect.

This message displays when the user enters incorrect login credentials on the phone: Status > Basic > Login Credentials.

Missing files, config. reverted

This message displays when errors in the configuration and a failure to download the configuration files force the phone to revert to its previous (known) condition with a complete set of configuration files. This also displays if the files listed in the <MAC Address>.cfg file are not present on the provisioning server.

Network link is down

Indicates that the phone cannot establish a link to the network and persists until the link problem is resolved. Call-related functions, and phone keys are disabled when the network is down but the phone menu works.