Provision an Individual Phone

You can configure phones individually by creating an individual master configuration file for each phone.

This configuration method gives you a high degree of control over each phone, but for large deployments, the file naming scheme can require additional file management as you must create and edit at least two unique files for each phone in your deployment.


  1. Create a copy of the master configuration file template for the phone and name it <MACaddress>.cfg , replacing 000000000000 with the unique MAC address of the phone you want to configure.

    Note that you must use only numerals and lowercase letters in the file name.

  2. Create a configuration file for the phone containing its unique information such as registration information.

    Name your files based on the file contents or purpose. You can use the template files in the UC software download, or you can create your own configuration file using parameters from the UC software template files.

    For example, you might use parameters from the reg-basic.cfg template file to create a registration file named reg-basic_john_doe.cfg .

  3. Enter the name of the configuration files you created to the CONFIG_FILES attribute of the phone's <MACaddress>.cfg file.
  4. Save the master configuration file.