Provision Multiple Phones

You need to ensure that your phones are directed to the provision server.

You need to modify the default master configuration file with the provisioning server information.


  1. Create a phone<MACaddress>.cfg file for each phone you want to deploy.
  2. Add the SIP server registration information and user account information to the appropriate parameters in the phone configuration file, such as reg.1.address, reg.1.auth.userId, reg.1.auth.password, reg.1.label, reg.1.type .
  3. Create a site<location>.cfg file for each site location.

    Include SIP server or feature parameters such as voIpProt.server.1.address and feature.corporateDirectory.enabled .

  4. Add the file name of each phone and site configuration file to the CONFIG_FILES attribute of the master configuration file, such as a reference to phone<MACaddress>.cfg and sipVVX500.cfg .
  5. On each phone's Home screen or idle display, select Settings > Advanced > Admin Settings > Network Configuration > Provisioning Server.

    When prompted for the administrative password, enter 456.

  6. Press Select.
  7. Scroll down to Server Type and make sure that it is set to FTP.
  8. Scroll down to Server Address and enter the IP address of your provisioning server.

    Press Edit to edit the value and then press OK.

  9. Scroll down to Server User and Server Password and enter the user name and password of the account you created on your provisioning server.
  10. Press Back twice.
  11. Scroll down to Save & Reboot, and then press Select.

    The phone reboots and the UC software modifies the APP_FILE_PATH attribute of the master configuration file so that it references the appropriate sip.ld files.

  12. Verify that the phones are provisioned:
    1. On the phone, press Settings (Menu if using a VVX 1500) and go to Status > Platform > Application > Main to see the UC software version and Status > Platform > Configuration to see the configuration files downloaded to the phone.
    2. Monitor the provisioning server event log and the uploaded event log files (if permitted).

      The phone uploads two logs files to the LOG_DIRECTORY directory: <MACaddress>-app.log and <MACaddress>-boot.log .