Provision Phones Using Variable Substitution

You can configure multiple phones in your deployment using variable substitution, which allows you to use a single master configuration file instead of a <MACaddress>.cfg file for each phone. Polycom recommends this method for administrators familiar with Polycom UC Software.

Variable substitution allows you to use variables such as phone model or part number to minimize the work of maintaining or changing settings common to all phones in your deployment, specify settings for phone groups, and add a new phone to your deployment.


  1. Create a configuration file for each phone that contains only the phone-specific information you want to configure, such as registration information.
    You must provide an identical naming format for each of these phone-specific configuration files. For example, create phone-specific configuration files that contain registration information and name them:
    • reg-basic_0004f2000001.cfg
    • reg-basic_0003a7100076.cfg
    • reg-basic_0004e5800094.cfg
  2. Copy one of the configuration file names and modify its name by replacing the phone-specific information with one of the variables shown in the following table. Be sure to include the square brackets.

    For example, change reg-basic_0004f2000001.cfg to reg-basic_[PHONE_MAC_ADDRESS].cfg or change reg-basic_VVX500.cfg to reg-basic_[PHONE_MODEL].cfg .




    Use to configure all phones in your deployment


    Use to configure all phones sharing a part number


    Use to configure a specific phone model

  3. Add the new file with the variable substitution to the CONFIG_FILES attribute of the master configuration file.
  4. Save the master configuration file.