Updater Error Messages and Possible Solutions

If a fatal error occurs, the phone does not boot up.

If the error is not fatal, the phone boots up but its configuration might be changed. Most updater errors are logged to the phone's boot log. However, if the phone is having trouble connecting to the provisioning server, the phone is not likely to upload the boot log.

The following table describes possible solutions to updater error messages.

Error Message

Possible Solution

Failed to get boot parameters via DHCP

The phone does not have an IP address and therefore cannot boot.

  • Check that all cables are connected, the DHCP server is running, and that the phone has not been set to a VLAN that is different from the DHCP server.
  • Check the DHCP configuration.

Application <file name> is not compatible with this phone!

An application file was downloaded from the provisioning server, but it cannot be installed on this phone.

Install a compatible software image on the provisioning server. Be aware that there are various hardware and software dependencies.

Could not contact boot server using existing configuration

The phone cannot contact the provisioning server. Possible causes include:
  • Cabling issues
  • DHCP configuration
  • Provisioning server problems

The phone can recover from this error so long as it previously downloaded a valid application BootROM image and all of the necessary configuration files.

Error, application is not present!

The phone does not have an application stored in device settings and, because the application could not be downloaded, the phone cannot boot.

  • Download compatible Polycom UC Software to the phone using one of the supported provisioning protocols.

If no provisioning server is configured on the phone, enter the provisioning server details after logging in to the Updater menu and navigating to the Provisioning Server menu.