View the Phone's Status

You can troubleshoot phone issues by viewing the phone's Status menu.


  1. Select Settings > Status > Select.
  2. Scroll to a Status menu item and press Select.

    The following table lists available options:

    Menu Item

    Menu Information


    • Phone's serial number or MAC address
    • Current IP address
    • Updater version
    • Application version
    • Name of the configuration files in use
    • Address of the provisioning server


    • TCP/IP Setting
    • Ethernet port speed
    • Connectivity status of the PC port (if it exists)
    • Statistics on packets sent and received since last boot
    • Last time the phone rebooted
    • Call Statistics showing packets sent and received on the last call


    • Detailed status of each of the phone's configured lines


    • Hardware tests to verify correct operation of the microphone, speaker, handset, and third party headset, if present
    • Hardware tests to verify correct operation of the microphones and speaker.
    • Tests to verify proper functioning of the phone keys
    • List of the functions assigned to each of the phone keys
    • Real-time graphs for CPU, network, and memory use