Analytics Support for Poly Cloud Services

You can configure phones to accept commands from the cloud analytics service to perform specified operations on the device and retrieve device details.

Note: Polycom VVX 1500 business media phones and SoundStructure VoIP Interface cards don’t support Device Analytics feature.
Poly phones send the following details to the cloud:
  • Device Asset
  • Device Network
  • Device Diagnostics

Poly phones send the device details to the cloud when the following occurs:

  • Phone restarts or reboots
  • On-demand request from the cloud
  • Device details are updated or changed

Importing and Exporting Configurations

When you enable Device Analytics and set the value to all or config, you can configure the following device options:
  • Download a configuration file to a phone from the cloud
  • Upload the configuration of a phone to cloud

Poly phones don’t support analytics when you configure the phones with IPv6 or dual stack Ethernet configuration.

Note: For more information on Device Analytics, refer to the Polycom Device Analytics Service Guide. on the Polycom Documentation Library.