LED Behavior Parameters

The LED pattern parameters listed in the following list configure the pattern state, color, and duration of the LED indicators and the pattern types on Poly devices.

For each parameter, specify x, y, and a permitted value:
  • Specify an LED pattern using the LED pattern parameters.
  • For x, specify an LED pattern type.
  • For y, specify the step in the LED pattern with a number between 1-20.

Use the parameters in the following list to set the pattern state, color, and duration of the LED indicators.


0 (default) - Turn off the LED indicator.

1 - Turn on the LED indicator.


Specify the color of the LED indicator.

Red (default)



Note: The Yellow value is available only for VVX 300 and 400 series phones. Additionally, the Yellow value is not available for line key indicators on VVX 101 and 201 phones or expansion modules.

Specify the duration of the pattern in milliseconds.

0 (default)

0 - 32767