Install a Certificate on VVX Phones Using Configuration Files

You can manually install a certificate using configuration parameters in the template files available with UC Software.

  1. Enter the following two parameters to a configuration file in your Skype for Business directory.
  2. Enter the certificate and application profile as values for the two parameters:
    • sec.TLS.customCaCert.1=<enter the certificate>
    • sec.TLS.profileSelection.SIP=<ApplicationProfile1>
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You can also enter the certificate by doing one of the following:
  • Add the two parameters in an XML file you create with an XML editor.
  • Add the two parameters to an existing configuration file you are using.


  • Enter the root CA certificate, in Base64 format, in sec.TLS.customCaCert.1 and set the application profile in sec.TLS.profileSelection.SIP .

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    You have successfully installed a security certificate.