Accessing the Web Configuration Utility

When the Base Profile of a phone is set to Skype, access to the Web Configuration Utility is disabled by default.

Administrators must enable access to a phone's Web Configuration Utility from the phone menu system or using configuration parameters.

If a phone Base Profile is set to Skype, or you use the centralized provisioning method to enter user credentials to the configuration files, the phone displays a screen prompting an administrator to change the default Admin password (456). Polycom strongly recommends that administrators change the default password. This password is not the Skype for Business Sign In password. The password you enter here is the same password administrators use to access the advanced settings on the phone menu and to log in to a phone's Web Configuration Utility as an administrator.

On the SoundStructure VoIP Interface, you must enable the Web Configuration Utility using configuration files on a provisioning server before you set the Base Profile to Skype. If you do not enable the Web Configuration Utility before setting the Base Profile to Skype, the Web Configuration Utility will not be available and you will need to reset the SoundStructure VoIP Interface to factory default settings.