Common Area Phone (CAP) for VVX Phones

You can configure your phone with Common Area Phone (CAP) Mode to restrict user's access to configuration settings on phones deployed in common areas, typically lobbies, employee lounges, and conference rooms.

You enable CAP Mode on a per-phone basis and CAP Mode is independent of any other configuration you make on the Skype server or apply to the Skype user account.

Note: Polycom recommends that you do not enable Boss-Admin or Shared Line Appearance while CAP is enabled.

Use of CAP requires UC Software 5.7.0 or later. After you enable this feature using feature.CAP.enable=1, CAP Mode and CAP Admin Mode are available on the phone. By default, CAP Mode is enabled and CAP Admin Mode is disabled.

While a phone is running in CAP Mode, users can access only basic settings and features. You can make more features available by enabling parameters for the corresponding feature, listed below.

Table 1. Features Available in CAP Mode

Soft Key / Menu

CAP Mode Default

Parameters to Enable



feature.doNotDisturb.enable softkey.feature.mystatus

Call Forward



Device Lock



Exchange Call Logs


Local logs: feature.callList.enabled

Exchange call logs: feature.callList.enabled feature.exchangeCallLog.enabled feature.EWSAutodiscover.enabled

Local Contact Directory


Exchange Calendar


feature.EWSAutodiscover.enabled feature.exchangeCalendar.enabled homeScreen.calendar.enable

Exchange Contacts


feature.EWSAutodiscover.enabled feature.exchangeContacts.enabled

Exchange Voicemail/Messages


feature.voicemail.enabled feature.EWSAutodiscover.enabled feature.exchangeVoiceMail.enabled feature.exchangeSipVMPlay.enabled




You can use the phone's administrator password to enable CAP Admin Mode. CAP Admin Mode provides access to all phone settings available from the phone interface. In addition, in CAP Admin Mode, the phone displays Sign In / Sign Out soft keys that allow you to sign users in or out of the phone. Alternatively, you can sign into a phone in CAP Mode without enabling CAP Admin Mode from the Common Area Phone provisioning portal at .

Any CAP-enabled phone that is not signed in with a Skype account and is left idle for three minutes displays a notice that the phone is not in use.

The following settings are available in CAP Admin Mode.

  • Basic Settings
  • Sign In/Sign Out
  • My Status (under Features > Presence > My Status)