Configuring Boss-Admin for VVX Phones

The Boss-Admin feature enables users to assign delegates to share a line so that both can place, answer, hold, transfer calls, and set ringtones on the delegate line.

Phones in a Boss-Admin group can receive up to five incoming calls at the same time. Bosses can assign up to 25 delegates to their line, and a delegate can assign up to 15 bosses depending on the availability of line keys on the phone. If a VVX Expansion Module is connected to a VVX business media phone, the phones can support up to 18 bosses.

Boss-Admin is supported with Skype for Business, Lync 2013, and Lync 2010.

You can set up Boss-Admin from the Skype for Business client application on a computer.

You can also configure Enhanced Boss-Admin feature allowing users to add and edit delegates from phones user interface using contacts list. Additionally, users can set Call Forward or Simultaneous Call Ringing option from the phone's user interface. When Boss-Admin delegation occurs, you can view the delegate key icon on the phones screen.

You can view the Enhanced Boss-Admin status in the Web Configuration Utility.

Previously, in a Boss-Admin feature when the call is put on hold, the phone displays the call notification for the assigned delegate instead of boss's line. The call notification now stays on the boss's line. Separate bosses are grouped together and each boss will have the calls labeled. Moreover, during an incoming call, the call for the corresponding boss displays on the phone's screen. The admin can answer the call on behalf of boss upon short press of boss's line key.
Note: The Enhanced Boss-Admin feature is disabled by default.

For instructions on Boss-Admin functions, see the Polycom VVX Business Media Phone with Skype for Business - User Guide on Polycom Voice Support.

The following table includes the maximum number of line keys available that can be used as Boss lines.

Table 1. Maximum Delegate Line Keys for Assigned Bosses

Phone Model

Maximum Bosses Assigned

VVX 201 business media phone


VVX 250 business media phone


VVX 300/301/310/311 business media phone


VVX 350 business media phone


VVX 400/401/410/411 business media phone


VVX 450 business media phone


VVX 500/501 business media phone


VVX 600/601 business media phone