Enhanced Feature Line Key (EFLK) for VVX Phones

This feature enables users with Microsoft-registered VVX phones to assign contacts to specific line keys on a VVX phone or an expansion module connected to a VVX business media phone.

After an administrator enables ELFK using feature.flexibleLineKey.enable users can enable and disable the feature from the phone menu.

This feature is disabled by default and is not supported on VVX 201 business media phones.

VVX phones display registrations and contacts in the following order:
  • Registration
  • Enhanced Feature Key (EFK) as line key
  • Shared Line Appearance (SLA) or Boss contacts
  • Skype for Business favorites
  • Favorites (Local contacts)

After you enable EFLK on the server, the user must sign into the phone and enable Custom Line Keys from the phone menu. The option to customize line keys is not available during active calls. After a user enables custom line keys on the phone, contacts on the phone's local contact directory are not available.

  • Assign a Skype for Business contact to a line
  • Clear a contact assigned to a line key or clear all customizations
  • Delete a line key and the contact assigned to it
  • Insert an empty line above or below a line key
Note the following points when using EFLK:
  • Changes users make in Customized mode do not affect contacts in Default Mode.
  • Deleting a contact from the Skype for Business client does not delete the contact from the phone.
  • If a customized contact exists in both Boss Admin and self-contacts, then Boss Admin relation will be given higher precedence.
User customizations are uploaded to the phone and server as a .csv file in the following format:
  • <MACaddress>-<sign-in address>.csv

The user .csv customization files cannot be edited manually. To apply a common customization to multiple phones, administrators can rename any user file by replacing the <MACaddress> part of the user file name with <000000000000>-<sign-in address>.csv . You must use centralized provisioning to share custom .csv files.