Hot Desking for VVX Phones

You can configure your phone allowing a Hot Desking (HD) or guest user to sign-in on top of a host user signed in to the phone or a common area phone.

You must enable this feature on both the Skype for Business server and on your provisioning server using the feature.HotDesking.enable parameter. When this feature is enabled, a Guest soft key displays on the phone. By default, this feature is enabled on the provisioning server. However, the user can choose to enable or disable the feature from the phone.

Note: When the phone is CAP enabled, users do not have permission to enable or disable Hot Desking.

Hot Desking Sign-In Methods

If the user disables Hot Desking from the phone, the user setting overrides the Skype for Business server setting and the feature is disabled. When you enable this feature, the guest user can sign-in to the host phone by pressing the Guest soft key. After pressing the Guest soft key, the guest user can sign in with one of the following methods even if the phone is CAP-enabled or locked:
  • User ID
  • Pin Authentication
  • Via PC
  • Online Web Sign In
When the guest user signs in to the phone, the host/CAP user is logged out automatically and the guest user icon displays on the phone. After the guest user has signed in to the phone, the following details of the previously signed-in host/CAP user are not accessible:
  • Call Logs
  • Voicemail
  • Calendar
  • Local Contact Directory

Host Desking Feature Limitations

The menu options that are not accessible to the guest user are as follows:
  • Headset Settings
  • Background
  • Screen Saver
  • Presence
  • Location Info
  • Diagnostic logs
  • Picture frame
  • Power Saving
  • Reset to Factory
  • Clear browser data
  • Network Configuration

Automatic Sign-Out Scenarios

However, when the guest user signs out of the phone, all the basic settings of the guest user are removed and the phone is set with original settings of the host user.

The following scenarios enable the phone to sign out the guest user automatically and sign in back with the previously signed in user:
  • Timeout

    This feature supports hot desking timeout, the period of time after which the phone shall sign-in to the host user when being idle in hot desking mode. This timeout is applicable only when the guest user has signed in successfully.

    • When the phone is idle for hot desking timeout configured on the server.

      When the guest user is signed in and does not perform any activity and the timeout interval configured on the server reached the value, the guest user is signed out.

    • User taps the guest soft key and does not sign in using any sign in methods.

      The timeout interval for hot desking is set to 2 minutes by default. However, the host user does not need to wait for 2 minutes. The host user can sign in by pressing the Host soft key on the phone screen.

  • BToE Mode
    When a guest user is signed in to the phone and the phone is in BToE mode, the following scenarios lead to sign in the host user after logging out the guest user automatically:
    • Guest user unpairs the BToE pairing from the device.
    • Guest user unpairs the BToE pairing using BToE client.
    • Guest user signs out from the paired Skype for Business client.

When the phone is in idle state and any one of the scenario occurs, the phone signs out the guest user.