Microsoft Quality of Experience Monitoring Server Protocol (MS-QoE)

Microsoft Quality of Experience Monitoring Server Protocol (MS-QoE) enables you to monitor the user's audio quality and troubleshoot audio problems.

QoE reports contain only audio metrics and do not contain video or content sharing metrics. This feature also enables you to query the QoE status of a phone from the Web Configuration Utility.

MS-QoE is compatible with Skype for Business and Lync Server 2010 and 2013.

All parameters for enabling or disabling QoE are included in the in-band provisioning parameters sent from the Skype for Business server. Note that Polycom supports only those elements listed in section Polycom-Supported Skype for Business QoE Elements.

For a list of all parameters that report QoE data, see Microsoft [MS-QoE] PDF at [MS-QoE]: Quality of Experience Monitoring Server Protocol.

To help deploy QoE, you can enable client media ports and configure unique port ranges on the Skype for Business Server. For details, see Configuring Port Ranges for your Microsoft Lync Clients in Lync Server 2013. Note that VVX phones use only the Audio port and range.