Music on Hold

Music on Hold (MoH) enables you to play music when you place a call on hold.

You can specify on the provisioning server which music file the phone plays or upload a file using the phone's Web Configuration Utility. When MoH is enabled, you can turn the music on or off while the call is on hold. If you place multiple calls on hold, only the first call placed on hold hears the music.

The default MoH file size is 540 KB and the maximum file size is 600 KB. You can increase the max file size to 1014KB using the parameter res.quotas.tone. The phone supports the following .wav audio file formats:

  • mono G.711 (8 bits/sample, 8-khz sample rate)
  • mono L16/16000 (16 bits/sample, 16-kHz sample rate)
  • mono L16/48000 (16 bits/sample, 48-kHz sample rate)