Skype for Business Video Features

After you set up Polycom phones on your network with the default configuration, you can make custom configurations to optimize video calling for Polycom phones, if supported.

The following Polycom phones support transmission and reception of high quality video images in Skype for Business environments:
  • Polycom® EagleEyeâ„¢ Mini with VVX 501 and VVX 601 business media phones

    VVX 501 and VVX 601 phones with a connected EagleEye Mini camera transmit video streams up to 1080p with a maximum bitrate of 4 Mbps for H.264 AVC calls. For SVC video calls, VVX 501 phones support Common Intermediate Format (CIF) 352 x 288 resolution and VVX 601 phones support 480 x 270 resolution.

When BToE is enabled and the video-enabled phone is paired to the Skype for Business client on your computer, the preference for transmitting and receiving video streams is given to Skype for Business client. The preference is given to VVX phones only when the phone unpairs with the Skype for Business client. You can place all Skype for Business related-calls from VVX phones as audio-only irrespective of the call mode selected on the phone. However, users can choose to enable video from the paired Skype for Business client.