Simulcast Video

Polycom phones registered to Skype for Business can simultaneously send a low resolution video stream (up to 180p) and a second higher-resolution video stream (up to 720p) to conference participants in a Skype for Business AVMCU meeting. Simulcast is enabled by default.

The following lists the supported video resolutions for Transmit (Tx) and Receive (Rx) in an AVMCU-based call:
  • Transmit (Tx)
    • 1920X1080p
    • 1600X896p
    • 1280X720p
    • 1024X576p
    • 960X540p
    • 848X480p
    • 800X448p
    • 640X360p
    • 480X270p
    • 424X240p
    • 320X180p
  • Receive (Rx)
    • 424X240p

Skype for Business AVMCU-based video meetings are driven by endpoint requests to receive video, which is called a video source request (VSR). The VSR specifies the resolution (among other constraints) and the participant(s) whose video the endpoint would like to display. The requested resolution in Skype for Business client video calls is based on the size of the video window and new VSRs are sent when the size of the window changes.